What products do you provide as part of the cleaning contract?

At Purple Cleaning Services we supply everything that is required to clean your premises – vacuum cleaner, mop and bucket, chemicals etc. Consumables such as toilet rolls, hand towels, soap dispensers etc can be included as part of your contract.

How quickly can you start the cleaning contract?

Ideally, we require 4 weeks from signing the contract to starting it. This allows us to comply with current TUPE legislation which states a 28-day consultation period. If for any reason you require an  urgent start then please make this clear from the outset.

What if we love our current cleaner but not the provider?

If you would like to take on Purple Cleaning Services as your service provider, without losing your cleaner, that is entirely possible. Assuming the cleaner would like Purple Cleaning Services to become their new employer and we are able to provide them a role with the same terms and conditions, they can transfer under TUPE.

Can we sign up for a trial period?

If you are not satisfied with our service just give us 30 days written notice and that's it! We treat all of our customers as partners and really work hard to ensure that our business relationship is long lasting.

How do you dispose of used chemical containers?

We don’t! In a bid to be as green as possible, we reuse all of our chemical containers.

Where do Purple Cleaning Services operate?

We are based in Newcastle upon Tyne and have an office in Prudhoe, we work throughout Tyne and Wear, Northumberland and Durham. We prefer to keep the business local so that we can respond easily and immediately to any issue and provide cover when required. Being able to cover holidays and sickness is vital.

Are your cleaners given any training before entering our premises?

All cleaners undergo an intensive 2 week training program before they are authorised to go out. The training is carried out by our Supervisors and includes the following: health & safety, quality and environmental policies, manual handling, product, machinery, housekeeping, security within the premises, how what and when to clean.

What happens if my cleaner/s don’t turn up as normal?

It is our intention to always service your site with an operative as agreed. As soon as we are aware of an operative’s absence, we will arrange for another operative to be on site.

Will you provide holiday cover?

Holiday cover will be arranged in order to maintain a continuous level of service.