How to keep your business clean and your customers happy

Your retail business might have excellent customer service and great products, but if your shop is dirty, dusty or generally unmaintained Then your customers could potentially start looking elsewhere for their goods and services.

Research has found that customers would not visit a store again if they found it unclean.

According to a 2010 retail consumer study, 14 percent of consumers would cease visiting a store if it didn't meet their cleanliness standards, while 29 percent reported they'd only ever visit a dirty shop if they absolutely had to.

Of course, it isn’t just dirt and germs that can negatively impact a business’s image. Loud music, graffiti, dirty flooring, and poor lighting can also contribute to the perception that a customer has of the shop.

Price-conscious consumers are pushing stores and shops to do their utmost to keep their business clean. Industry professionals note that consumers want the very best shopping experience, especially if they're spending money when cashflow is tight.

If your business has previously scaled back on commercial cleaning services or you lack the time to regularly perform an extensive cleaning job. Then now would be a tremendous opportunity to start investing in cleanliness.

It may seem expensive with having to make several purchases like a vacuum cleaner, buffing machine, cleaning supplies or outsourcing the entire service. It's still a very important investment for the company's longevity and customer satisfaction.

Here are five strategies to keep your business clean and organised:


The Washroom

Whether you own a restaurant or a clothing store, keeping your facilities clean is very important.

A sanitary, fresh and appealing bathroom can make your customer feel comfortable, while also showcasing your brand in a positive light, leaving a lasting impression.

The Floors

Most business owners know it can be very difficult to continue keeping the floors clean, especially in high traffic areas.  You can place floor mats inside and outside the entrance. The mats will trap dirt and debris, keeping it from being tracked throughout the store.

Also, depending on the type of business and number of daily visitors, an employee may need to clean the floor several times a day.

Just remember: the floor is one of the very first things a customer notices when entering a shop.

The Checkout

How many times have you finished your shopping and headed to the checkout to pay for your goods, only to find you can't even place your basket on the counter because it's cluttered with hangers, paperwork, upsells and novelty items.

Keep these areas clutter free with only 2-3 items to upsell.

After All this is the last impression your customers have of you and your store. One they are likely to remember for a long time.

The Music

We all like to have music when we're in a store. However, I am one of those people that hates going to music stores.

Why? Because I can't hear myself think in there.

Keep music neutral and at a reasonable decibel so that your customers can still think clearly and even talk to you when they need assistance.


Everything Else

A dust-free environment is imperative.

Imagine picking up a fabulous bottle of wine, placing it in your basket and then finding your hands covered in dust. As a customer, you wouldn't be happy, would you?

Ask your employees to dust your shop often, even the backs of shelves and the products themselves.

If hiring a professional commercial cleaning service isn't in your budget, there are some essential items you need to keep your business clean:

  • Mop and bucket - For the floors.
  • Microfibre cloths - For cleaning windows, bathrooms and dusting (Make sure you launder them after every use to reduce the risk of cross-contamination)
  • Disinfectant cleaner for bathrooms, door handles and regularly touched areas.
  • Vacuum - For vacuuming…. coincidentally.
  • Glass cleaner - To keep your windows sparkly.

You can purchase all of the above for less than £100, do your due diligence, shop around and find the best cleaning supplies for your money.

I hope you find this information useful in keeping your business clean and your customers happy.

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