Surgery Cleaning for Doctors, Dentists and Clinics

We provide out of hours surgery cleaning for all areas within doctors and dentist surgeries with bespoke solutions for each customer. Our surgery cleaning service can be tailored around your specific needs and requirements. A standard service will cover the following:



-Waiting rooms

-Toilet and washrooms


-Treatment rooms

-Windows and doors


For Doctors and Dentist Surgeries cleaning must be at the top of any list of priorities. The case certainly is, prevention is better than a cure. When surfaces are kept clean and sanitised daily, the breeding of harmful bacteria and germs is significantly reduced.

Sanitising areas of high traffic with a good quality antibacterial surface cleanser will almost certainly help protect you, your staff and your customers from nasty bacteria, pathogens and germs.

As part of your bespoke cleaning schedule, your Purple Cleaning Services operative will sanitise doors, handles, tables, chairs, desks, keyboards, mouse, phone and printers within reception and waiting areas. Treatment rooms (subject to existing sanitising policies) will have all work tops sanitised, treatment chairs, computer, keyboard, mouse and any commonly touched areas will be sanitised.

Should you choose to do so, deep cleaning can be booked periodically to ensure your surgery is kept at the very highest of cleanliness standards.

If you’re not satisfied with your current surgery cleaning provider, please get in touch at your earliest convenience, to book an onsite survey and quotation.

If your enquiry is more urgent please contact us on 07521312961.

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